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Get Organized HQ Virtual

Ever wish you could sit down and have coffee with someone (or a room full of someones) who is totally non-judgey and knows exactly which manageable steps you should take next to get your life and home running smoothly?

Are you tired of all of the “expert advice” that doesn’t actually work for busy women who have a lot to manage and who also DO need to sleep occasionally?

Well I’m teaming up with over 100 (yes, 100!) other real-life, real-talk women and we are all so excited to share our stories and the lessons we’ve learned along the way about organizing and streamlining your home.

It’s called Get Organized HQ Virtual, and it’s a completely free, 100% online event. These been-there, done-that women will be talking about everything from home organization to budgeting to meal planning to time management and so much more!

And the awesome thing is - it is free to attend!

No need to leave your house, hire a babysitter, or even change out of your yoga pants. It’s all happening right here online September 12th-16th. And it’s going to be nothing short of amazing!

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