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IKEA vs The Container Store Custom Closets

I’ve recently had a few clients inquire about this comparison so I wanted to provide this information.

This is my personal opinion and I am not receiving any monetary kickback off of this opinion.

There is really no comparison at all between the two systems.

TCS closets offer durability, flexibility, strength, quality, and now availability.

The installation is considerably easier with options of TCS install or DIY (self install) including using your trusted handyman.

TCS also offers the ability to move and grow the system much easier and way more dependable.

The system is mounted to the wall in the studs (if done properly) so you don’t have to worry about uneven floors or them falling over due to weight like with IKEA.

IKEA also tends to change and discontinue things often so you are never sure if they will have what you need if you need to buy it again.

IKEA serves a purpose for some seasons of life but if you want long lasting durability, flexibility and quality The Container Store is definitely the way to go. The saying goes get “YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR”.

I personally have TCS in all my closets and I LOVE LOVE THEM.

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