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Our Services

Our goal at Passion Organizing is to help our clients breathe easier and find time to enjoy the more important things in life such as family, friends and relaxation!

So, how do we achieve this goal?

We lessen the client’s day to day tasks and create clean, clear, and organized spaces where clients can be successful. Passion Organizing services include but are not limited to the following:
•    Organizing (Virtual, In-Person, DIY)
•    Packing / Unpacking / Moving Services
•    Shopping Assistance 
•    Cleaning (Commercial & Residential) 

  • Carpet Cleaning 

  • Furniture Assembly 

  • Home Maintenance (Plumbing, Electrical and much more.... JUST ASK!!!!


How to Get Started with Us


The first step to getting started with us is to schedule your consultation so that we can learn more about your space and your goals for it.


Next, it's time to decide on your specific goal. This means deciding if you want your space to be “Functional” or “Pinterest Pretty”. 

What is Functional & Pinterest Pretty?
•   Having a functional space means to have easy access without needing supplies to keep things organized. This style of organization is designed to be practical and useful, rather than attractive.
•   Pinterest Pretty is considered a show room look utilizing supplies like bins, baskets and labels to make the space look like something out of a magazine, while providing easy access as well.


The next step to getting started is deciding which investment you should make to reach your goal(s).

From cleaning & organizing to virtual consultations, we offer a variety services to meet your needs!

Choose the service below that best fit your needs. 

Choose Your Service

A wood and white kitchen
Personal Desk
Work Desk

Ready to reclaim your space and get organized but don't have the time to do it yourself? Then, let us do it for you!


Organizing Sessions Include:
•    Virtual or In-person Consultation

(60 minutes)
•    Design Time: Organizing Plan Customized Specifically for You 
•    Follow-up consultation upon completion (up to two weeks after last session)
•    Drop off donations on your behalf

(up to a carload per visit)


$75 per hour

(4-hour minimum)

*Learn more about our monthly subscription below

Need to get organized but prefer to do it on your own? Then, a DIY Plan may be a good fit for you!


DIY Organizing Include:
•    Virtual Consultation (60 minutes)
•    30-90 Minute Video Call Sessions
•    Customized Organizing Plan with

Product List
•    Follow-up email after 7 days and 30 days


$900 per single-family home or 

$150 per room

Interested in getting organized but live outside our local service area?

Then, virtual organizing is the way to go!


Virtual Organizing Include:
•    Virtual Consultation (60 minutes)
•    60-Minute Weekly Virtual Sessions
•    Customized Organizing Plan with

Product List
•    Follow-up email after 7 days and 30 days


$50 per hour

Monthly Organization Packages

Passion Organizing offers monthly subscription services to help clients stay on top of their organization projects while having their investment spread out over time. 

Here at Passion Organizing, we understand that life gets in the way and you may prefer to have a professional organizer visit on a regular basis to keep those drop zones and high traffic areas looking great year-round. This service option also allows us to re-evaluate trouble areas for more of a customized solution.


First, we will develop a plan of action for maintaining your space(s) for the next year. Then, each month we will focus our efforts on a different area in your home OR we will re-organize the designated space(s), whichever you prefer.

Here is an example of how it would work:
•    January - Kitchen 
•    February - Pantry  
•    March - Primary Bedroom 
•    April - Primary Closet
•    May – Primary Bathroom
•    June - Linen Closet & Laundry Room 
•    July - Bedroom #1/Closet #1
•    August - Bathroom #1 & Bathroom #2
•    September - Bedroom #2/Closet #2
•    October - Bedroom #3/Closet #3
•    November - Thanksgiving decoration takedown (interior only)
•    December - Christmas decoration takedown (interior only) minus tree and high lights.

Additional Services

Clean Bathroom

We offer Routine Maintenance and Deep Cleaning services in both the residential and commercial environments.

Our Routine Maintenance Cleaning service is great for anyone looking to maintain the appearance of their space.

Deep Cleaning is great for anyone who has fallen behind on cleaning their home and need intensive cleaning.

To see what is included under each service, view our checklist below.





Routine Maintenance: $47 per hour (3-hour minimum)

Deep Cleaning: $57 per hour (6-hour minimum)

*Note: Travel to and from your location is free within a 10-mile (30 minute) radius of Georgia 30080. Miles traveled over 10 is billed at the rate of $0.58 cents per mile. 

  • PACKING / UNPACKING SERVICES – If you are moving or recently moved and need assistance with packing/unpacking, we got you! We will pack/unpack and organize your items in a way that fits your lifestyle.

  • DONATIONS / GARAGE SALES – We can assist you with garage sale setup, scheduling pickup times or even personally hauling away items you wish to donate or sell (up to a carload per visit).

  • SENIOR ASSISTANCE – We understand how hard it can be to say goodbye to a loved one and even harder having to sort through the loved one's things. We will search for special keepsakes while going through the process of sorting your loved one’s items in a timely manner so that you may begin the recovery process. ​

  • DOCUMENT DISPOSAL – Secure bulk paper shredding is available.


Time to enjoy your newly clean, organized space and the peace of mind that comes with it!


Contact us to get started today.