Passion Organizing helps individuals and companies clean, organize and de-clutter their space(s) and schedules. We have a passion for clean, new, and de-cluttered systems. 


We don’t just clean a room, we recreate the room by introducing individualized systems that help our clients maintain that clutter-free, organized space(s) for years to come. We help clients get to the end result quickly and painlessly. 


No job is too big or too small.

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About Alexia

Alexia is the founder/owner of Passion Organizing now residing in Smyrna, Georgia and a member of the National Association of Black Professional Organizers. She’s been cleaning, organizing, and creating spaces since 1997. She founded Passion Organizing in 2016.


She is a mother of two daughter Theresa, son Jaylen, and a Shih-tzu named Yoda; such a cutie!. Alexia is also, the legal guardian of her grandmother which has been one of many hands on learning experiences for working with seniors and managing guardianship accounts.


Alexia noticed early on that coworkers in the office would often ask her if she could come organize their homes after seeing her clean desk, labeled files, drawer organizers, and detailed emails. Others would see her cleaning the common areas and inform her someone else was paid to perform those tasks.


It then hit her “not everyone lives their lives cleaning and organizing like you do”. It’s not that they don’t want an organized, cleaned house but more so because where is the time they have left to commit to the task? 


She believes that most people who need an organizer need them because they have too many responsibilities on their plate and cannot balance it all.


About Denise


Denise located in Findlay, Ohio is the mother of Alexia and has been cleaning and a caregiver for approximately 40+ years.


Holding long standing positions as a caregiver it was always her job to ensure that the homes of her clients were well kept.


Over the last few decades it became something that Denise no longer felt she needed to do but what she had to do. She can spot crumbs on a clean granite table without having glasses on. When things are out of place it's hard for her to sit down. Clean is the only way of life for Denise.

About Theresa

Theresa now residing in Georgia is the daughter of Alexia. She has worked up to 3 jobs all while attending the University of Findlay where she earned her Bachelor of Science degree. Theresa being brought up around her mother who was always organizing/cleaning and her grandmother that was/is a clean freak it was bound to become a habit for Theresa as well. 

Funny thing is growing up she was not the most orderly child. Her mother often recalls having to ask or tell her to clean up every night before bed and every morning before leaving for school. 

Now that Theresa has become an adult with a successful medical career, her own home a husband, and a fur baby she now finds herself repeating her mothers footsteps by always making sure her home is tidy along with asking her husband if he's completed his chores, and straightened up after himself.

Theresa has grown to now understand and believe that in-order to be as productive and successful as possible you need to have order in all aspects of life including home, work and life.

About Jaylen

Jaylen is the son of Alexia. He is currently a high school student and spends his free time assisting seniors with woodworking projects, setting up tents, party spaces for a local party supply company and helping his mother with the family business. 

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